Many online casinos ask you to perform Blind Faith acts, spending money to make deposits on games you have no idea about the principles, environment and quality of the interface. Crazy Fortune Casino offers you a generous welcome bonus that allows you to try out the many games available. This exclusive bonus allows you to get a minimum bonus of € 10 and a maximum bonus of € 2,000 giving you all the time you need to decide whether this casino is the casino you need.

The welcome bonus at Crazy Fortune starts at € 10 if you choose not to make a deposit. This € 10 credit can be spent on any of the games that are part of the casino’s wide variety of games. After enjoying the welcome bonus, you will be able to download the online casino software and find out how compatible it is with your computer and your betting objectives. If you decide not to continue, you will have nothing to do. However, if you are interested in casino software, just buy more credit to enjoy poker, blackjack, slot machines, and much more. The range of games available is unprecedented, and everyone will find something to be satisfied about this site.

You are not limited to the only 10 €welcome bonus. If you are ready to commit further, you can make a first deposit and increase the size of your bonus. On this casino, every euro you spend in your first deposit will earn you triple that amount as a bonus, up to a maximum of €2,000. This means that by depositing € 100, you will earn an additional € 300 bonus, which will quadruple the amount available to give you free hours of casino fun. Once you start playing, the fun you’ll have on Crazy Fortune, you’ll find it nowhere else.

Free no Deposit Bonus

One of the main reasons a casino like Crazy Fortune gives players free money is to allow them to enjoy the many games available on the virtual casino platform. These casinos know that if they succeed in making players addicted to the games by the excitement, graphics or potential winnings that these games offer, they will be able to lead these players to make real money deposits themselves. Players should use this no deposit bonus to browse through the different types of games available before making the decision to deposit real money into a casino account.

Free games for everyone

Another way for a French No deposit casino to provide free games is simply to give free access to the games it offers. While there are some casinos that restrict free play to a number of rotations or hands, there are others that will allow players to experience the games for free and unlimited. However, players should keep in mind that free games are only available instantaneously, directly via web browser ; downloadable games cannot be played for free. Many players adhere perfectly to this idea and enjoy their favorite casino games for free.

Point-based systems

Instead of offering real money rewards, a French No deposit casino can offer players a points system to make free games a little more competitive. With a system, players can see those who have the most points on a scoreboard, and strive to break the records of the best. The casinos may also offer subscription VIP in which players can buy custom avatars and game features, with the goal of making money from players who prefer free games. These casinos will also place ads on the games to remind players of the opportunities they have to earn real money by choosing to make a deposit at the casino.