Online casinos can offer a lot of fun to gamblers who do not want to leave the comfort of their homes. These players can enjoy a multitude of games at the BitStarz Casino. Each player will certainly have his own account at this casino, whether he is a novice or he is already a regular user of the games.


At BitStarz Casino, players will find more than 140 games to play. This includes the classic roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and poker, as well as scratch cards, video slots, Games with live-dealer and other. Also, since this online casino always has something to offer its players regardless of their level of experience, even beginners will find something to be content with. These new players will be able to practice some casino games, before winning or losing by betting their hard-earned money, as there is a section dedicated to free games. Free games can be a bit tricky to find nowadays because they come with all these conditions, depending on the software provider. Microgaming does not suffer from this, they offer some of the greatest gaming experience on the market at no cost, read more about them at CasinoEnLigneBelge.

Bonus available

Apart from its wide variety of games, BitStarz Casino offers interesting bonuses. For example, customers who deposit 25 € or more will get a welcome bonus of 100%. This bonus can get you up to € 500 in free money. The wager condition for withdrawing this bonus is 30x, and you have 10 days to meet this wager condition. However, the bonus is not compatible with all casino games. Therefore, you can’t use it to make bets on the roulette, Blackjack, live casino games and Baccarat. You will also not be able to use it to play many poker games. Players should check all this before they start playing.

BitStarz game range

When it comes to progressive jackpots, players actually have few options as to what types of games they can access these jackpots. Indeed, most progressive jackpots are connected to a slot machine or slots machines, although there are some that are offered on video poker, baccarat and roulette games. Progressive jackpot slot games can be divided into two main categories. First of all, the most common progressive jackpots are only offered on games that are independent of other games. The process is simple. Players enter the game, make side bets and hope to make winning combinations. However, only players in these progressive games have the opportunity to make side bets that will contribute to the jackpot. With usually several hundred players hoping to win this jackpot, the jackpot can reach several thousand dollars.

Players can also choose to play Inter-casino games (cross game) or even inter-casino progressive jackpots (cross casino). Unlike unique games where it is only the players of these games who contribute to the jackpot, players from several different slot machine games can participate in the same jackpot. Even better, players from different casinos can connect to these jackpots and have a chance to win. These cross games and progressive cross casino jackpots can reach much higher amounts than the traditional progressive jackpots. In fact, the winners of these jackpots regularly receive hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Players who are interested in these inter-casino jackpots should look for Slot machine Games on interconnected casinos. These casinos will often advertise their partner casinos or list the inter-casino jackpots available on their progressive jackpot website page. On the other hand, players should keep in mind, at all times, that to win any progressive jackpot, they must place bets aside each time they make a bet. Indeed, if they do not set these bets aside during a spin and get the winning combination during that spin, they would have lost the biggest jackpot of their lives.


BitStarz Casino uses software that is provided by Amaya that offers games produced by slot machine suppliers like Aristocrat and Novomatic. The software produces nice graphics for the games and allows users to play several games at a time without the games crashing. You will not need to download this software, as it is integrated into the site. To play, all you have to do is create an account. Those who have computers running Windows and Macintosh operating systems will find the site compatible with their computers.