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2006-05-17 – Tour-report
A tour-report has been made out of Daniel’s notes and is now available. Hopefully some of the other band members will contribute with their thoughts and comments as well later on. A picture gallery from the tour will be uploaded in a near future. Read the tour-report.
2006-05-03 – Back from tour
First of all we want to thank Cannibal Corpse (with crew) and Prostitute disfigurement for a killer tour. We had a great time out there that will never be forgotten. We also want to salute all of you who showed up on the gigs and made every night something to remember. We will try to write a little tour report with photos as soon as we got the strength and time to do so.
2006-04-13 – We have to cancel 2 shows
We are sorry to say that we have no choice but to cancel 2 shows on our tour with Cannibal Corpse. The 2 shows that are beeing canceled by us is:


The ferry costs just to make it to Ireland was way to god damn expensive so we had no choice. We just couldn´t afford to pay for it. We are truly sorry for this and hope you´ll understand . This does NOT mean that Cannibal Corpse or Prostitute Disfigurement cancels.
2006-03-20 – New festival gig confirmed (Storsjöyran / Sweden)
Aeon is now confirmed to play at the “Storsjöyran” festival in Östersund / Sweden 2006-07-29.(This time, on a “real” stage…) Some other bands worth watching there is “Dismember” and “Paradise lost” so far.
2006-03-16 – Another confirmed concert
A new headline show are booked at the moment. 25/3-06 Umeå / Sweden (Scharinska Villan).
Support acts are: Assailant (Umeå) , Invader (Umeå)

For more information visit:
2006-01-14 – IMPORTANT!!! Email problems.
For everyone who have written emails to and “member” without getting any replays. Please write again to the email adress that are displayed under the “Contact” page. We discovered today that our mailforward service has NOT worked like it should since we changed our website “right before X-mas.” We are sorry for this and hope you understand.
2006-01-14 – Aeon on
Since everyone seems to have a myspace site we created one for our self aswell. Check it out at
2005-12-21 – New merchandise available.
A limited amount of Aeon hoods’ and new winter hats are now available under the merchandise section. Check them out!
2005-12-19 – A new web site see’s the light of day
Finally we managed to get the new web site up and running. There is a few things left undone and we will take care of that in a near future. We hope you like the new design and that it works as it should. If you find any errors or something please let us now.
2005-10-22 – A killer release party
We would like to thank all of you who came to our release gig / party and made it to a great evening. Some pictures from the gig is added to the “Pictures” section and 2 songs hand cam recorded videos are available for you to download in the “Downloads/Video” Section. ENJOY.
2005-09-28 – Aeon release gig / party
To celebrate the release of “Bleeding the false”, we will throw a release gig and a official Aeon release party held on a local pub afterwards.
2005-09-22 – An official Aeon forum has been born
We are now proud to be a affiliate member of the Global Domination forums. So from now on you can talk to us, ask questions or whatever you desire in there. So you better get your free Global Domination forum membership now if you don’t already got one.
2005-09-20 – Some less important information
Daniel is currently trying to work out a new web site design for its time consuming and boring as fuck. But hopefully it wont take to long before we launch a new web site for you.

We are also currently planning a release gig / party in Östersund / Sweden to celebrate the release of “Bleeding the false”. More info about this will come soon.
2005-09-20 – Bleeding the false, finally released
Finally is our debut full length album released to the public, its have been two long years since we started to record this album so it’s with great pleasure we give you this release. We hope you will enjoy this piece of christ bashing plastic and that we see you on the road in a near future. Cheers!!!!
2005-09-14 – Finally back online is back online after about a week’s downtime. We have now changed web host and domain name provider. If you notice anything that don’t work as it should please report it to us.
2005-08-13 – A second coming ?… NEVER.
As the release of “Bleeding the false” are closing in we thought it’d be nice to give you one track in advance so you have something to go crazy with before you get your hands on the damn thing in full.