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We have spoken to Victor Brandt and we have come to realize from both parts that Aeon will need more time from a bassplayer than he can give us. The geographical issue with having Victor living in Oslo was of course one contributing factor to this realization. Victor told us that he is not sure anymore if he can give us what we need, and he dont wanna hinder us from doing what we need to do. So we´ll thank him for his short time as a member and give a big welcome to the guy who played with us on our last gigs here in Sweden, Marcus Edvardsson (Souldrainer / Santification) whom will from now on be our new member in Aeon.

We all know Marcus since way back and we all get along well, and last but not least he is one hell of a guy to handle the bass for us. Really heavy and distinct playing, and great stage-presence which suits us perfect.